My life stories

10/10: Day 3

(A day late! Forgot to post last night.)

Today: a list of ten things I did.

  1. Took my toddler for a walk. The weather app said 82 degrees. It felt like 102.
  2. Took my two oldest children to a live snake presentation at the library.
  3. Took them to the craft store, and we had tons of fun buying hula hoops, stickers, journals, and a scented fall candle. No shame have I.
  4. Took a nap.
  5. Read this post, which I so highly recommend, and the whole site too.
  6. Dusted the library and my bedroom.
  7. Vacuumed popcorn off the living room couch and floor, and various other rooms.
  8. Rescued a bag of chocolate chips from the toddler.
  9. Told my older two kids that if they didn’t find something constructive to do (i.e., not bickering), they would have to go clean their room.
  10. Watched the glorious rain storm that lasted about 5 minutes this afternoon.

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