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10/10: Day 7

I’m a day late. Oops.

10 Things About My Novel, Or Work In Progress

  1. I’ve drawn a couple of maps for the setting.
  2. Everything  is oriented to North. It may be some psychologically revealing point. Or maybe it just reveals that I’m directionally challenged and like to keep things simple.
  3. It is a fantasy novel, geared towards middle grade readers, possibly older. I’m still figuring that out.
  4. There are three domains or countries in the map, but the story actually takes place in one.
  5. The other two countries do factor into the story though, significantly.
  6. I’ve thought of writing sequels to this novel which explore more of the other two countries, and hopefully beyond.
  7. It took me a while to actually put magic into the story. Kind of hard to avoid tropes though, especially in fantasy.
  8. A lot of the story is hopelessly British. Mannerisms, customs-mostly mannerism. Anglophile that I am, it does make me wonder about the potential narrowing that does to a narrative, to have the author informed by such writings from such a specific place.
  9. On that note, all my early drafts included scenes in which one character acted just like Lord Grantham at the breakfast table from Downton Abby.  Ha! I’ve fixed those parts 🙂
  10. It is a wish of my writer’s heart to give some descriptions of the landscape that echo Montgomery’s evocative writings. I realize that kind of description doesn’t seem too popular in todays’ fiction, especially for younger readers, but. I want to include it anyway. So I’m going to try.

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