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10/10: Day 9

10 Blogs I love

I’m really excited to share these with you. The list is a good mix of various blog types. Without further ado:

  1. Shannan MartinWrites. Back when she was Flower Patch Farm Girl, I found Shannan’s blog. She shares about adoption, loving your neighbor, and finding beauty, humor and salsa in the not-so-pretty side of town. Funny and comfortable in the uncomfortable-a rare combination.
  2. Diary of an Autodidact. The author is a lawyer and family man who writes about the modesty culture, patriarchy, and politics, as well as some thorough book reviews. I couldn’t stop reading when I found it-the posts are addictive. Intelligent and informative.
  3. Simple Days. If you love every day life-type posts with some beautiful photography, you’ll love Erica’s blog. She also has a link to her fantastic cooking website on Simple Days as well.
  4. Minstrel of Grace. I found Erika’s blog through Instagram some time ago and adore the romantic, thoughtful quality of her posts. She also shares a satisfying amount of good photography. The word authentic might be a little overused today, but her journal-like posts are just that.
  5. Schwababywrites. She’s just getting started in the whole blogging gig, but you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. I’m not just saying this because we *might* be related-Schwabbabywrites has a lot to offer the world.
  6. Just A Jesus Follower. This woman’s love for Jesus and people is practical and real and hits me in the gut in the best possible way.What a breath of fresh air to find someone fearless, grounded, and compassionate!
  7. Spiritual Friendship. I’ve linked to this blog a few times, and I respect the writers here immensely. Their purpose is twofold: create a welcoming, safe place for people of the LGBQT community (of which the writers are a part), and equip the church to welcome, befriend, and disciple people of this community without assuming their background, story, or behavior. Sound implausible? I could write a lot more about them, but you’ll have to read it for yourself.
  8. MichMash: If you want more humorous, everyday life with a healthy sprinkling of books on the side, look no further. Another great blog (and person) I found through Instagram.
  9.  Lydia Center.Org. Their tagline says, “Advancing Reformed scholarship in the areas of gender, marital, and family ethics.” I do believe these areas need advancing, and quite a bit in this particular arena.
  10. The Book Review Directory. Love the mystery genre but don’t know which book to pick up next? Looking to branch into a different genre and don’t know where to look? Try The Book Review Directory. Book reviews, submitted by numerous writers, are organized by genre and easy to find. A bibliophile’s dream.

There you have it-a list of 10 blogs I recommend. Who’s on your top 10 list? Have you read any of these?


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