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Fridays with Flora Felda, 2

Hello, readers! I published this on August 26th, but somehow it is showing up under July 8th (probably because that’s when I started it). Hopefully this little note brings it up to date, but either way, enjoy!

August 26th, 2016

So, I promised I’d introduce you to my neighbors. My closest friends live near by, which is very fun. Nora lives in the purple house. When we first met we didn’t get along very well. She had the nerve to inform me that I was new, and that the rest of the Pollys had been owned by the Authoress since she was a child, and that I was on a trial period. I told her that she was the trial and I’m not going anywhere, thanks. Eventually we came round, and now we’re great friends.

“Nora, what are you doing?”

Polly lives in the pink house. She is the only one who insisted on being called Polly and was much nicer from the start. After the argument with Nora, she told me that I wasn’t on trial period. Actually, being new just spared me from having to deal with the Authoress’s little sisters who used to put Polly Pockets in their mouths, so being old doesn’t sound like much to brag about. “That’s the way Nora is, dear,” assured Polly. “Newcomers make her uneasy and she can be a real meanie. But she can be quite nice, too.”

Polly used to own two cats, and Nora used to own two rabbits, but they’re all missing. Maybe the Authoress’s younger sisters ate them.

Anyway, today we are all three having tea. I’m making the dandelion tea, Polly is bringing the scones, and Nora is bringing the jam and cream.

Well, I have tea to brew. Happy Weekend!

~Flora Felda


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