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October was Grand

Cliche? Yes. I love it anyway.

Hello fellow bloggers, how was your month? I’ve missed this space and while I’ve enjoyed reading many posts in the past couple of weeks, I’m also ready to jump back into blogging after my break.

A blogging break turned out to be a good idea. I surpassed my goal for my novel. I submitted a couple of short stories in record time (for me) and began small freelance writing jobs. It’s been a month of exploration, discovery, and new possibility, writing-wise.

It’s been such a full month that I haven’t finished a single book I started. I tried to read a few, but didn’t have sufficient time to get invested in the characters. Hm, let’s try to finish *one* book in November…

Otherwise, I’ve had room to breathe now that the weather has been tolerable. Many days it’s been downright beautiful, leaving me in near disbelief that summer is actually, finally, broken and pleasant temperatures are more often than not the norm. For my friends in cooler climates, I guess fall and winter here are like spring and summer for some of you. If I were facing snow next week and/or months of winter, my enthusiasm wouldn’t be as pronounced. But I hope you find many good things to cherish over the next few months, wherever you are.

By the way, is anyone participating in NaNo? November will hopefully see more blogging for me and the completion of my novel draft, but with another shift in writing coming soon, I’ll be focusing my writing elsewhere. Kudos to you who are climbing that 50,000 word mountain!


8 thoughts on “October was Grand

  1. Congratulations on all the successful writing & welcome back to blogging! I also won’t be participating in Nanowrimo this year because my writing will be focused in other places, but I still plan to attend some of the social events in my area because my city’s Nanowrimo community is amazing.

    1. That’s cool. I’ve never searched in my area for NaNo events, but now I want to. And thank you for the welcome back!

  2. Good luck with finishing your draft 🙂 Taking a break from blogging (and the rest of social media) really helps whenever one needs time to finish those pesky short stories that seem to flicker out of existence just as deadlines loom 😉 I’m off to do more sprints – ah, word sprints – for NaNo.

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