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Fridays with Flora Felda 3

November 4th, 2016

We here in Pollyville (well, in the drawer, anyway) have decided to throw a party. A block party, to be exact. We’ve convinced The Authoress to arrange our houses how we like it out in the open. Mostly I told her how to do it. Here is what it looks like:

We are planning this whole week and will celebrate on next Friday. Or Saturday, if it takes us too long to plan. It might, since some of us are not very good planners (ahem) and Fred keeps changing his mind about where he thinks the party should be. Someone suggested the block party, which I think is very good, but Fred is still stuck on a single location and keeps accosting people about us using their house. To which they reply, yes, Fred, we are using my house, don’t you remember, you silly dolt?

Poor Fred.

Well, speaking of Fred, I really should introduce you to some of the Pollys here, shouldn’t I. You’ve met Polly and Nora already. Fred, as already mentioned, runs the Opera House. He loves events though the poor dear isn’t very organized (see above). Has a heart of gold, though.

Since writing the above, a most unfortunate turn of events. Fred and Nora are both missing. The Authoress has been notified. She mumbled something about a black hole. I think she means her children’s room. Well, doesn’t she know adults can be just as careless as children? It is quite sad that finding friends to be missing is a common part of Polly Pocket life.

Sigh. Will the mystery of the missing Polly Pockets be solved in time for next week’s party? Will there even be a party? Should we do a consensus and see just who else is missing? Tune in next week to find out.




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