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Enchanted Hollow

Want something fluffy and fun this election Tuesday? Here, have a poem. I had A. A. Milne’s Have You Seen My Mouse? running through my head as I wrote this. Add an affinity for doodling mushrooms and a touch of autumn mystery, and you have the inspiration for this scribbling. 


Enchanted Hollow


Have you seen a key?

under a tree

I left it one misty night.

The mushrooms there glowed;

the cold, full moon slowed

time in its pale autumn light.

I fell asleep

as darkness did creep

around the old hidden glen.

When I awoke

the red flowers spoke,

“run home to your snug little den.”

Away did I flee

leaving the tree

passing the old mossy rock.

Then back for my key

but I didn’t see

a thing, but an ancient, gold lock.


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