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Fridays with Flora Felda 4

November 18th, 2016

Well! The mystery of the missing Pollies has been solved. Both Fred and Nora were taken to another person’s home and are now living in some sort of tropical Pollyville. Strange as it sounds, they were misplaced by accident and now it’s been decided they’ll just stay the tropical sun…sipping icy drinks and laying on the beach. They’ve assured us they’ll write.

You never can tell how people (or Pollies) will take to something. We’ve very little say here about what we can do. We can’t move our houses on our own, we’re too small, and unless the Authoress gets us out of this drawer, we’re stuck there. However, we can throw a darn good party. So, even without two of our friends here, we did our best last week and threw a real shindig.

I do miss Nora though…whoever would’ve seen her on a beach all day?! Maybe she’ll find a pet crab or something to make up for her lost rabbits.

Anyway, the party. We had music and dancing and food. None of us are very musical but the Authoress turned on something called Pandora, and we had any music we wanted. It was grand. Even the bird and the squirrel in my yard drew close enough to watch the festivities. That’s when Lavender said something that made us forget about the party, temporarily at least.

“You know, we could do this anytime we wanted, without the Authoress, if we only had the Charm of Charmaine.”

At first, I thought she’d had too much of the Dandelion wine, as she tends to exaggerate things any way. But James agreed with her. He never exaggerates a thing. He just said we could never find it.

“What is this Charm of Charmaine?” I asked.

“Many moons ago…no, wait, long, long ago, in a Pollyville far far away… oh that’s not it,” Lavender muttered.

“The Charm of Charmaine is reputed to be a charm of great power, that can give Pollies the ability to move about at will,” explained James. “No one here has ever seen it, of course.”

By now we had all gathered to listen. Some were excited, some went back to eating, but every ear was tuned to listen.

“What does it look like?”

“Well…” Lavender and James exchanged looks. “We don’t actually know.”

“I heard it’s a purple triangle!”

“No, it’s a green sphere!”

“No, no! Everyone knows it’s a plain pebble, bumpy and uneven.”

“Hold it!” I shouted. “Let’s start at the beginning.”

We sat down and everyone took turns sharing what they’d heard. It was a long night. But one thing was for sure-we managed to convince the Authoress to leave the drawer cracked when she put us back inside.

It was time to look for the Charm of Charmaine….

To be continued! Now I have to pack. XO,


Where are we in this picture?!

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