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Freelance Writing with HireWriters



I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d done some small freelance writing jobs. One of the companies I worked for, HireWriters, contacted me asking if I would post about them. Since I discovered HireWriters through other blogs in the first place, I decided to spread the word. So, fair warning-this is a sponsored post. If you’re interested in making a little money choosing your own writing jobs and hours at home, then you’ll want to read on.

How does it work? First of all, working for HireWriters is not a “get rich quick scheme”. And their website is clear about that. To sign up, click on the “get paid to write” button at the top and follow the easy prompts. You will fill out some information about yourself and complete a brief writing sample. You also need a PayPal account so you can receive weekly payment.

All writers start out at the beginner level. To advance in payment and job opportunities, simply complete the required number of writing jobs at a satisfactory level. Once your articles have been approved by the client, you are automatically advanced.

Clients post articles they need to have written, along with the pay, word count, and specifications. You pick the articles you will write, and complete them within the allotted time frame, which is usually 24 hours. You work when you want, and get paid every Friday. It really is pretty simple.

HireWriters is known as a content mill. You can find several of these easily enough, and they all vary a bit as far as payment, sign-up process, and article content. I recommend signing up with at least two. This way you’ll have more article options to choose from any given day. (More on my overall experience with content mills in a moment.)

Now, when I was reading other people’s blogs before I signed up with HireWriter, there were many who hated content mills. It’s true that, as I said, you won’t make a lot of money working for them. Most of the individuals disparaging content mills were people ready to aggressively pursue clients and build their own freelance business. They were ready to  put the serious time and effort into getting higher-paying jobs. So if this is what you’re ready for, HireWriters (or other content mills) probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if your circumstances and inclinations are more like mine, this may be a perfect fit for you. I was happy to find something that I could do from home that involved no risk on my part and the flexibility I wanted. I ended up working about 3 hours a day around my toddler and two school-aged children. Not as much as I’d hoped, but it payed for Christmas gifts and a few other things, without requiring childcare or some crazy schedule. I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed in the experience-as a short-term job, I was happy with the pay off.

HireWriters was one of two content mills I signed up for. Between the two of them, I checked in at least twice a day to see the updated job listings. These are always changing so I’d recommend multiple check-ins throughout your work day. I think being able to work for longer, uninterrupted periods at once instead of an hour here and there would have been more profitable, and several of the people whose articles I read did just that.

So if you’re looking to earn a part-time income free-lance writing from home, I highly recommend HireWriters and other content mills. It won’t make you rich, but it is a legitimate way to earn an income at your pace, on your own time frame.


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