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A New Year Ahead

I talked about shaping my perspective on writing for next year in light of our current circumstances. Soon after, I realized I still wanted to share my small goals with you for 2017. They are:


  1. Take a class! I asked my family for gift certificates to the Creative Writing Institute for Christmas. They are an organization that offers free writing classes to cancer patients and happily affordable writing classes for anyone else. I’ve missed writing classes so much. This one will probably be for the second half of the year.
  2. Give my novel a break. I finished this draft (woohoo!!) and will send it out to some friends for feedback. It felt good to make that decision, even if I didn’t have the time to formulate beta questions like I’d wanted. Now I can move on and that is freeing. So the novel gets at least a six month break.
  3. Revamp my blog. Let’s get tabs going, an About page that you can actually find, etc. Also, hello, giant tag cloud?! I may need to fix that too…
  4. Enjoy the process. This one encompasses a lot. I spent so much time fighting the idea that writing for my own benefit is enough. They say writing is cheaper than therapy…it’s true! And I’m finally learning not to discount that. This year I have some short story ideas to flesh out and have fun with, and I will not be obsessed with writing to find the perfect market. Writing for contests and markets is fantastic, necessary practice for any writer. This year, however, I’m just focusing on having fun and practicing the craft of writing…although I can’t promise the contest bug won’t bite at least once in 2017.


In the spirit of fun writing, I bookmarked several blogs that offer daily or weekly prompts, like the ones The Daily Post provides. Oh, and I’ve bookmarked some fun prompts in this little gem a friend gave me:

Little projects are easier to conquer than big ones, and can help keep momentum going!

It’s encouraging to know that goals can still be set, even in light of big life changes. What are your goals for 2017?


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