The baby was up every two hours or more last night. I slowly ease him onto my bed, swallowing my sore throat and hoping he’ll stay asleep long enough for me to get coffee and a sippy cup for his big brother. I could try the sling but I don’t want to yet. My shoulders and back ache from nursing all night. I sat slouched on the bed because I was too tired to walk to the rocking chair for every feeding. 

He stirs and grunts. His blue eyes pop open-I’m awake! Oh well, at least he’s happy. Surprisingly, K is still asleep and I hurry to get the assorted beverages. Better grab the tissues, to, for our assorted runny noses. Make that coffee extra strong, please, enough to wipe some of the brain fog and eye pain out. Coffee, can you magically remove yesterday’s makeup for me and make me look (smell) like I got a shower yesterday? 

I sit down with the baby and coffee. Still silence. I should change my clothes at least. Why though, when I’m already dressed? Wash my face, then. Make my bed? Empty the dishwasher? Nope, here comes the toddler. We snuggle for a few minutes to take his mind off the fact that daddy’s at work. Baby is still content, now in his vibrating massage chair. (I guess he should be, on that score.) It’s only a matter of time before he starts fussing again though and we start all over. 

My older two children trickle out to join us. Clothes? Bed? No, I’ll do something I’ve wanted to do for weeks now. I toss together the wet ingredients and add them to the dry ingredients I set aside yesterday. Oatmeal applesauce muffins in 20 minutes.

The entire day can seem to stretch before us like one long, monotonous road. We won’t think about the entire day. Instead, we’ll eat muffins and take it one step at a time.


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