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Fridays with Flora Felda 5

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March 10th, 2017

It’s me again, Flora Felda here. No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, although I almost did…in a way.

Where to begin? Our adventurous search for the Charm of Charmaine was not what we expected! I guess that’s life, hm? Stuffed animals aren’t what we expected either-but I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, when I last wrote, we (Lavender, James, and I) had decided to search for the Charm ourselves. We convinced the Authoress to leave our drawer open and packed a few essentials.

“Tea pots are not essentials,” argued James. Lavender glared at him.

“Then neither are three tins of mustache wax,” she shot back at him.

“James, you don’t have a mustache,” I pointed out.

“I used to. It wore off.” He sighed. I returned to my packing. Mustache wax! I laughed so hard I could barely zip my bag.

We waited for the house to quiet. That took a long time, as one of the Authoress’s children kept getting up and asking for things like a drink of hot chocolate. (Maybe she and Lavender would get along.)

Finally, quiet pervaded the night like a soft blanket. At least we hoped so. We Pollys are not known for our sense of hearing. But we slowly made our way down from the drawer. Is this what mountain goats do? I think, for Pollys, we did exceptionally well! Scaling such heights is no small feat. So I suppose it makes sense when, somehow, the wood slipped out from under my feet and I lost my grip.


Thankfully the carpet is very soft.

“Careful, Flora!” Lavender whisper-shouted.

“Shhh!” I shushed her rather irritably. Falling is still not pleasant.

We made it out of the bedroom without further difficulty. Then we arrived at an unfamiliar sight. It wouldn’t be the last…

James wrinkled his nose, squinting into the dark. The small yellow light that glowed far off didn’t help us much on the ground. “Is that…what I think it is? I didn’t know what he thought it was, but the thick carpet we had struggled across suddenly gave way to a vast, smooth, surface, the air tangibly cooler above it.

“Is that ice?” I asked incredulously. Lavender and James seemed to have had the same thought after all. James looked around.

“How did we get outside?” Lavender said, casting a suspicious glance at James. He held up his hands.

“We aren’t outside, you plastic heads,” I said. “This is the kitchen floor! Remember?”

“Oh! Right.”

We all laughed, thinking how silly we’d been and that surely, our way was safe from here.

How little we knew…



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