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Fridays with Flora Felda 6

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March 17th, 2017

Hello again! Now, where did I leave off last time…oh, yes. The kitchen floor…

James, Lavender and I walked for what seemed like hours in the dark. Far above, a nightlight cast a faint light too distant to illuminate our path. Finally, a square shape loomed before us.

“The kitchen table,” I said.

“Strange that’s where we had our party not long ago,” said Lavender.

“There’ll be even more parties if we find this Charm,” said James.

Suddenly the ground shook beneath our feet. We staggered and cried out, too scared to speak or think clearly. Before we knew what was happening, a giant shape hovered over us a minute, blacking out the faint light, and then fell just in front of us with a woosh.

“It’s a human!” Cried Lavender.

“Hush! He’ll hear us!” James hissed, as the three of us ran for cover. We caught our breath, watching as the giant human got himself a midnight snack.

“Soon we’ll get our own midnight snacks,” I said as we waited for him to leave. The possibilities!

Compelled by this thought, we hurried on. Few things blocked our way (except for all those crumbs under the table…does the Authoress ever sweep?)

At last a thin stretch of light appeared on our horizon. Terror suddenly clutched our hearts. The Abyss.

But where else would the Charm of Charmaine be found?


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