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Fridays with Flora Felda 7

April 28th, 2017

Read the first 6 episodes here.

Well, dear reader, when last I left off, Lavender, James, and I had just reached The Abyss.  To continue, then…

The light beckoned to us like a finger of destiny. Swallowing our fears, we crawled under the door. Stretched before us were mountain ranges obscured in the dark. I could barely make out what was what-clothes, legos, other toys? We had to go through it.

Our first obstacle was soft and pillowy. Clothes, and not very clean clothes, by the smell of them.

“Whew! Doesn’t the Authoress ever do laundry?” James made a face. We clambered on, helping each other over slippery buttons and across rugged zippers. We started scaling a rather stained pair of khakis. Just as Lavender reached for me, my foot slipped out from under me, and I tumbled into a dark crevice.

“Flora!” Lavender screamed. “Flora!” Her voice was very far away and muffled. I shook my head and squinted up at the hole I’d fallen through, barely brighter than the black around me.

“I’m fine,” I called up. “This must be a pocket.”  Lavender sounded like she and James were arguing.

“Can you climb up?” James called. I looked around and felt the air. Ah, there was the pocket lining. I continued to my right when my hand struck something cold and hard. It was big, almost half my height, but beyond that I couldn’t say.

“I found something, maybe I can climb up on it,” I shouted up. A sudden beam of light made me wince.

“I forgot the flashlight,” said James sheepishly. My snipey comment died on my lips. The cold hard thing I was squinting at was a pink, jagged stone polished in the shape of a cube. There was only one thing it could be.

“The Charm of Charmaine,” I whispered.

“What?” Lavender shouted. “What is it?”

“I found the Charm of Charmaine!” I shrieked . “Look, you guys! James, shine that light down again!”

I head gasps as the light reflected off the stone’s smooth surface. I was too excited to notice that the light above was coming from more than just the flashlight, or that James and Lavender weren’t watching anymore, but instead looking over the pocket crevice and talking in worried voices. Before they could say a word of warning, a loud creaking noise broke overhead. Seconds later, we were all three disoriented and scared as we were lifted, clothes, charm, and all, and taken out of The Abyss.



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