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A Theme for May and a Goofy Poem

Happy May, all! This month I’m choosing a theme for Storybound, and that theme is the color green. May is my parents’ and grandmother’s birth month.  Partly for that reason, I’ve always loved their birthstone, emerald, and all shades therein. Green is living, vibrant, soothing, and uplifting to me. Being around green plant life refreshes me like few other things. And since “April showers bring May flowers”*, I’d say it’s a fair month for sharing these light-hearted scribbles.

To start things off, here’s a poem I almost trashed a few weeks ago. High literature it is not. But hey, what better way to kick off a month dedicated to a certain color than by cramming as many synonyms as possible into one post?


Jade, emerald, pea green, lime,

Truly you are a color sublime.

Basil, pistachio, olive, mint,

Deliciousness in every hint.

Perhaps the worst poem ever seen,

But who can resist the color green?


Answer: I can’t. 😉

* Although, here in sunny FL, our crispy brown grass anticipates summer thunderstorms instead…Florida, you’re such a rebel.


One thought on “A Theme for May and a Goofy Poem

  1. haha! Your poem is so adorable. And then I started craving basil lemonade and mint ice cream just from reading your words…lol!

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