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Teal Confusion

May’s theme is “green”. Enjoy this 4th post. 


If you love me, love me true, buy me a ribbon, a ribbon of blue.

If you hate me, let it be seen, buy me a ribbon, a ribbon of green.*

That’s what the poem said for the village dance, and no doubt sweethearts all over either smiled with delight or sobbed into their pillows at this moment; but what was Rose to do with a teal ribbon? She knew George was shy; but this teal was no clearer a declaration than a mud puddle was a spring. Rose slowly pulled her hair up and trudged toward the laughter and fiddles’ music streaming from the school hall. The dancers made weaving tracks around each other like bees in a hive. There was George, absolute misery and apprehension on his face. Rose stood resolutely, waiting for the ax to fall as he made his way to her, hand outstretched, and said to her, “I’m sorry. I thought you knew. I’m colorblind.”
* poem by Wendy Watson


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