The stories we read

The Green Ember

For this months’ final post, I’ve read a book with the theme in its title. Convenient, hey? Enjoy this very brief review, and I look forward to sharing new things with you in the month of June!

Rabbit siblings Heather and Picket lived a peaceful life with their loving family.  Their father has always told them stories of intrigue, adventure, and betrayal, stories with fierce enemies and rabbit heroes of long ago. Their life is dumped upside down when wolves destroy their home and they are forced to flee. They begin to see that the substance of these tales are closer than they knew.

The Green Ember is S.D. Smith’s debut novel. There were many strengths. The way he introduces Heather and Picket in the beginning of the story illustrated their relationship beautifully. Their individual fears and struggles were well-written, and their character arcs were a pleasure to witness. Many of the action scenes were well-paced and even beautifully written.

I did find some portions of the story to contain more ‘tell’ than ‘show’. This is a story for middle school readers, who would have benefitted from less ‘tell’ I believe.

Overall, young (and not-so-young) readers will enjoy this story, finding much to identify with in the main characters and the challenges they face.

The next book in the series, Ember Falls, is available now. The Black Star of Kingston covers the stories that Heather and Picket grew up hearing from their father. It will be interesting to watch not only the story develop further, but Smith’s writing as well.  One thing is for sure-he has a wealth of imagination and storytelling to offer readers.

And so May draws to a close. What did you enjoy about the month? Have you read The Green Ember?


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