“On the next page she came to a spell “for the refreshment of the spirit.” The pictures were fewer here but very beautiful. And what Lucy found herself reading was more like a story than a spell…and ever since that day, what Lucy means by a good story is a story which reminds her of the forgotten story in the Magician’s Book.”

~C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Storybound started several years ago as a mix of book reviews and life notes. Now it is my writing and book blog. You can still find some of my old journal entries and musings on life here and here, but now I write more about these things on my new baby blog, Stay Awake.  By baby blog, I mean it still has lots of growing to do…but I’m positive you’ll find something for you. After all, you’re one of the biggest reasons I write.

Here, I still like making connections between everyday life and favorite stories, between the abstract and the concrete, between the visible and invisible. This blog is named Storybound because, like any good story, I hope to provoke curiosity and questions with it. Maybe something I write will even remind you of a forgotten story.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a note. I love hearing from people and try to respond as quickly as I can.


P.S. All posts are my own; please do not reprint without my permission. That being said, contact me via the comments if you’d like me to write something for you! I’d love that.

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    1. Girrrrrrl you weren’t joking when you said you’d read and comment! Thank you so much. I treasure your input. And every single comment:)

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